About cruise on the sailing yacht in Nha Trang bay

Hourly yacht rental in Nha Trang offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those who dream of a delightful sea journey without any additional worries. This choice is perfect for those who want to dive into the yachting atmosphere without losing personal freedom and cost-effectiveness. The minimum rental time is just 3 hours, which allows you to enjoy a peaceful rest on the water with friends or close relatives.

Instead of private programs, the proposed rental already includes accommodation on the yacht for a group of up to 20 people! Keep in mind that the offer does not include catering, drinks, or steward services. This gives you a great opportunity to independently determine the menu and drinks on board, as well as choose the route that suits your preferences. This approach allows you to control your budget and makes your trip truly personalized.

Renting a sailing yacht in Nha Trang on an hourly basis is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of this magical resort and gather vivid memories from sailing. Yacht excursions will allow you to learn more about the beauty of the surrounding islands and seascapes, feel closer to nature, and enjoy the tranquility of traveling the waves. Return home with wonderful stories that will become a conversation topic in the coming years!

Your sea cruise on the yacht includes:

  • Licensed skipper and crew
    Licensed skipper and crew
    1 captain and 2 sailors
  • Sailing travel insurance
    Sailing travel insurance
    life and health insurance
  • Safety equipment
    Safety equipment
    lifeboat, lifebuoy, lifejacket & PFDs
  • Onboard Wifi
    Onboard Wifi
    stay connected and enjoy sharing your sailing memories
  • Onboard sound system
    Onboard sound system
    play your favourite music onboard or enjoy our large music collection
  • Snorkeling equipment
    Snorkeling equipment
    snorkeling masks, snorkels & flippers
  • Fishing equipment
    Fishing equipment
    fishing rods & reels, baits & bucket
  • Water games
    Water games
    sup board, kayak, tubing

With this type of yacht rental, there’s no food or drinks provided on board. This allows you to decide for yourself what you’d like to eat and drink during your trip, and bring your own favorite dishes and beverages. This approach also helps you save some money and control your vacation expenses. You won’t have to pay extra for standard food sets offered, and you can enjoy the tastes you really prefer, making your vacation even more comfortable and enjoyable.

IMPORTANT: We are the only one company that offers sailing cruises in the waters of the southern islands – the most beautiful places in Nha Trang Bay! We have our own pier for this purpose, unlike competitors who operate in the most boring and deserted areas of the northern coastal waters.

With hourly yacht rental, one of the advantages is the absence of a strict schedule and itinerary. This means that you independently determine and shape your yacht trip, allowing you to take into account all individual preferences and desires. In this way, you can fully enjoy your vacation, adapting the route to your interests and needs, without limiting yourself to pre-planned points and timeframes. This flexibility makes hourly yacht rental especially attractive for those who seek a unique experience and want to create unforgettable moments during their journey.

Photos and videos from sailing cruises in Nha Trang:

Technical information about our yachts

We’ve got big sailing catamarans with lots of space and good safety. They’re stable on the water, even when the waves are strong. Scared of getting seasick? That won’t happen on our boats.

We have 3 identical yachts in our fleet. The Seawind 1160 Resort is a commercial catamaran designed by Australian catamaran manufacturer Seawind Catamarans for short-term charter and use as a floating resort. This catamaran is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay on the water and offers numerous amenities for guests.

More information you can read here – LINK

The cost of a sailing cruise on a yacht:

  •  <i>20</i>
    Price for 20 people inclusive
    Passenger limit 20
  •  <i>$210</i>
    Per 1 hour
    Any day of the week
  • 3 hours
    3 hours
    rental time

Additionally, you can order the following options on the yacht:

  • Live music performance
    Live music performance
  • Cruise photographer
    Cruise photographer
  • Diving
    price agreed in advance

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